How We’re Better Serving Customers

What’s the best reason to expand a used auto parts business? One word: customers! Strong sales growth over the last few years has driven us to expand our business (again) to serve the growing auto salvage industry and the increased demand for quality recycled auto parts.

Thanks to our customers, our employees and our valued business associates, we’re investing some of our resources to better serve the auto parts market in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, the rest of New England and New York State.

As we write this post, a brand-new company headquarters is being constructed on our strategically located southern New Hampshire location on Route 3A in Bow, NH. The new service experience for walk-in customers will be sure to please our long-time and new patrons alike. Having more state-of-the-art warehouse space and service bays means we can process more high-quality recycled parts as our newer and expanded service fleet can handle greater pickup and delivery volume.

Change is inevitable. Growth is earned

From our business inception, the recycled auto parts industry has had to change to keep up with disruptive technological advances in transportation, warehousing, inventory controls and online commerce. These are just a few of the changes that have made auto salvage and recycling more efficient, providing consumers with less expensive auto repair choices and offering more value to the auto parts market overall.

Bow Auto Parts has always embraced change and implemented best practices into our business wherever we can. This “best practice” focus has always been on our customers. Providing people with the best value requires finding the best employees and keeping up with efficient delivery systems all while giving every customer the best experience you can offer.

We can’t say enough good things about our employees who show up engaged and ready to make things happen for our customers every day. Every company is a collaboration and it’s the coordinated work of a skilled and dedicated team that defines a brand – a strong company identity. Automotive repair shops and do-it-yourselfers in this area know who to visit, call or where to log on because the Bow Auto Parts team has earned their reputation as the region’s go-to company for high quality used auto parts.

Of course, we greatly appreciate our business associates; the fine people in our vast used auto parts network. We’re fortunate to work with professional men and women who genuinely care about their work and help us get the job done every day. To these folks we say, we’re proud to work with you!

Everyone at Bow Auto Parts is especially grateful to our customers. We offer a heartfelt thank you for your continued business as we keep growing to serve you better and better!

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