Expanding New England Horizons: Bow Auto Parts’ Growth in Maine


Meeting Demand in Lewiston-Auburn, Augusta, and Waterville Maine

Bow Auto Parts is getting better known across New England for its commitment to quality and customer service. We’re pleased to have expanded our services more into the Lewiston-Auburn and Augusta areas of Maine in recent years. And now we can announce expanded service into the Waterville, Maine area! This strategic move not only demonstrates Bow’s proactive approach to growth but also underscores our dedication to serving a market in need.

  • Filling a Void: With the auto recycling industry facing challenges, Bow Auto Parts recognized the opportunity to offer our services in an area experiencing a reduction in auto recyclers. This expansion is particularly timely, providing local residents with much-needed access to quality used auto parts.
  • Instilling Quality and Reliability: Consistent with our reputation, Bow Auto Parts focuses on delivering high-quality, reliable auto parts in every city and town we serve. This commitment ensures that customers in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, as well as up to the capital city of Augusta, have access to a trusted source for their auto parts needs.
A Proactive Approach to Growth
  • Understanding Local Needs: By analyzing the market, Bow Auto Parts tailored its service schedules to help meet the specific demands of the Lewiston-Auburn and southern/central Maine communities, ensuring that our growth was both strategic and beneficial to the market.
  • Expanding Services: The regular servicing of this area with our truck fleet demonstrates Bow’s commitment to being a responsive and reliable provider. This ensures that customers across state lines have continual access to a wide range of auto parts.
Expanding Quality & Satisfaction
  • Adapting to Industry Challenges: Despite the broader challenges in the auto recycling industry, Bow Auto Parts has continuously and successfully adapted our business model, ensuring that we continue to provide the level of service and quality that customers expect.
  • Community Approach: The expansion into Maine is more than just a business decision; it reflects Bow Auto Parts’ dedication to supporting local communities with reliable delivery services and providing them with affordable, high-quality auto parts.
A Bright Future Ahead

Bow Auto Parts’ expansion into the Lewiston-Auburn and Augusta, Maine areas demonstrates our forward-thinking approach to serving all customers within our reach. By understanding market trends, adapting to industry changes, and maintaining a strong focus on quality satisfaction, Bow Auto Parts is not just meeting current demands but also paving the way for future growth and success.

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