Workplace Safety in the Shop and on the Road

Worker safety should be a top priority for any business. At Bow Auto Parts, we make it our mission to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees. We train up on and follow industry best practices to ensure the highest standards of safety and security in the workplace. Our dedication to safety is recognized as an important factor in earning industry awards such as the Team PRP quality award.

At Bow Auto Parts, we understand that safety doesn’t end at the shop or office – it extends out onto the roads as well. That’s why we took an additional step to ensure more safety on the roads by investing in a Scraper Systems FleetPlow system for our delivery fleet. This system eliminates flying ice and snow hazards from our trucks, adding an extra layer of protection for our drivers and those with whom they share the roads.

A Safer Shop and Office

Creating a safe environment begins with applying industry-standard safety protocols such as proper protective equipment, hazard identification, regular inspections, and employee training. Personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be worn when working in high-risk areas or undertaking potentially hazardous tasks. This may include eye protection, hard hats, gloves, and other personal PPE appropriate to the task being undertaken.

All employees must also receive thorough job-specific training, so they know how to safely perform their duties without putting themselves or others in danger. Regular inspections should be conducted to verify that all safety protocols are being followed correctly; if any unsafe conditions or behaviors are observed then these should be rectified immediately. Promptness and clarity are keys to correction.

Communication is Key

Communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a safe work environment. All employees should feel comfortable speaking up if they have questions or concerns about their work environment or how safely they are performing their duties. Additionally, employees need to know that their feedback is welcomed – both positive and negative – so that potential issues can be addressed quickly before they become more serious problems down the line. It’s crucially important that supervisors provide adequate support and guidance in order to help their team members stay safe on the job.

Safety on the Road

External safety, particularly on the road, is equally important. Beyond investing in FleetPlow systems for its trucks, Bow Auto Parts encourages its drivers to practice defensive driving techniques such as maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles at all times, obeying all traffic laws and speed limits, eliminating distractions such as texting while driving and refraining from aggressive behavior such as tailgating. 

Furthermore, good vehicle maintenance habits are essential; tires should be checked regularly to make sure they are properly inflated, and brakes inspected regularly according to manufacturer guidelines.  Additionally, each driver should always have enough rest before getting behind the wheel so that they can remain alert at all times. 

At Bow Auto Parts we take safety seriously – not only within our workplace but everywhere business takes us. We understand how important it is for everyone to stay safe during and after regular work hours. We believe that taking extra steps to promote safe work environments benefits not only us but our customers, suppliers, partners and the communities we serve.

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