Why the Pros Trust Team PRP Members

When the pros need used auto parts, they know they have a choice when they shop. And so do you. Because pros want high-quality and trusted parts at a great price, they prefer to shop with Team PRP recyclers. While they could go to a nearby junkyard and sometimes do, Team PRP members offer something junkyards can’t – peace of mind and a guarantee.

If you need recycled parts, look for auto parts distributors and suppliers affiliated with Team PRP. The pros do. Here are seven reasons why you should, too.

1) Nationwide Quality Standards

Junkyards contain some near-mint quality parts. But to find those hidden gems, you need to scour rows of wrecks.

Team PRP auto parts distributors use a nationwide quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards. This label means that parts are cleaned, inspected, and many are tested for proper function. That’s how pros purchase parts with confidence.

2) Above-and-Beyond Warranties

Team PRP members stand behind every part sold. If it’s defective, you’re guaranteed a replacement. Rely on a six-month, unlimited mileage warranty for mechanical and electrical parts with the option to extend coverage term and even add on labor protection. Sheet metal parts come with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion perforation. At a junkyard, the best you’ll get is an honest attempt to replace the part or store credit. Pros know the Team PRP warranty can’t be beaten.

3) Some of the Best People in the Business

Team PRP was built to establish more trust in the auto parts business. Its founders wanted customers like you to know what you were buying and to get what you need at a great price. Integrity and honesty are part of the business. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience when you speak to a Team PRP salesperson.

4) Need a return? No problem!

With a thirty-day, no-hassle return policy, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is not final. Just return the part complete and unaltered for your money back. You’ll be hard-pressed to find that type of return policy at a junkyard.

5) Coast-to-Coast Coverage

With more than 135 Team PRP facilities across the United States, pros gain access to a nationwide network of recycled auto parts. PRP members share inventories to circulate dependable items fast and help keep prices low.

If the part is immediately available, the Team PRP 24-hour in-stock shipping policy means that auto body shops and collision centers get what they need right away, so drivers get back on the road.

6) Organized Like a Library

Because Team PRP members take quality seriously, they label and store every quality-assured part in organized warehouses. Parts are inventoried on computerized lists, making it as easy for a Team PRP member to find a recycled product as it is for a librarian to find a book in the library.

7) No Surprises!

When working with Team PRP recyclers, excellent communication is a given. And since supplements on parts are paid for by Team PRP members, the pros don’t get any unwanted surprises. And neither will you.

We are Team PRP!

For more than thirty years, Bow Auto Parts has sold quality, recycled, automotive parts. And as a Team PRP member, we guarantee the quality of our parts. If you’re looking for great prices on used parts, search our inventory to get started.

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