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When it comes to auto repairs, it often feels like you have just two choices. Unless you can do it yourself, you can either take your car to a dealership or visit your trusted independent auto mechanic. Depending on your situation, there are benefits to both. But when you need a repair not covered by warranty, there is only one clear winner. And it’s not the dealership.

Off-warranty repairs often cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. They’re one of the top reasons people trade in their car or truck for a new vehicle. But when you use your trusted independent mechanic and shop your own parts, you can save as much as 30 to 70% or more of the dealership price. That means you can keep your automobile longer without paying an arm and a leg.

Independent mechanics care about your business.

One of the differences between independent auto mechanics and dealerships is that indie mechanics are more likely to value you and your business, and want to keep it. The reason is that very often, the person doing the work or managing the shop is the business owner. They know that building a customer relationship founded on trust means people come back when they need repairs.

Because dealerships are affiliated with carmakers, they automatically attract business through their brand name. Of course, they also get people to come to fulfill repairs covered by warranty. And when someone comes in for an off-warranty repair, dealerships don’t hesitate to make them pay the price.

This blog’s author experienced two recent instances on my 2009 Ford that saved me over $1,000 by simply getting my mechanic to look at the same repair problems while I ordered a part directly from Bow Auto Parts for over 70% less than the dealer’s factory part. Car is running good as new!

When you establish a trusting relationship with your independent mechanic, you can rest easy knowing the work they do on your vehicle is needed, and not a trick to get you to overspend.

Shop your own parts.

Have you ever gone to a mechanic or a dealership and they’ve told you that you need to replace a part? Of course you have! Next time that happens shop your own parts first before letting them do it. Your wallet will thank you.

Far too often, dealerships add huge markups on prices for parts at the customer’s expense. That means you may pay multiple times the part’s true value. Your best line of defense against this common practice is to shop for your own auto parts.

For the best value and assured quality, shop premium recycled auto parts from a Team PRP member like Bow Auto Parts. Team PRP is a network built of more than 100 auto recyclers across the nation that adhere only to the highest quality and service standards in the industry. These parts are kept in climate-control conditions and are tested for quality.

Find parts with our simple search.

Once you know what you need, try our Find Parts page. If the part happens to not be among our expansive inventory, we’ll connect to other Team PRP members to get you the part in as fast as one day. You can save a ton by merely shopping your own parts online or over the phone.

As a member of Team PRP, Bow Auto Parts sells only recycled auto parts that have passed regulated quality acceptance standards – the highest in the business. All parts bought from Bow Auto Parts come with a standard six-month warranty, which is six times longer than the industry standard. When you buy our recycled auto parts, you know you’re getting quality. We guarantee it.

Next time you need an off-warranty repair, avoid the dealership, support your local auto repair business and save yourself hundreds of dollars. Shop your own parts from Bow Auto Parts and work with your trusted mechanic. An awesome combination for your car and wallet!

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