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Auto Recycling and Disposal Choices: How to Make the Right Decision

Know your best options for selling or recycling your older vehicles.

Lots of people like to buy quality cars & trucks and drive them for a long time. Settling into a favorite vehicle and taking care of it for many years is not only prudent but highly gratifying for many drivers. Modern-day vehicles, when properly serviced, run reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles and keep going strong for 10, 15 or even 20 years. But at some point, it’s time to say goodbye to that old “friend” whose cabin you’ve ridden in for countless hours.

Maybe it’s time to replace an older vehicle or maybe you have an extra car or truck that you just don’t need anymore. Whenever it’s time to dispose of a damaged or older vehicle, a decision needs to be made on the best way to sell or get rid of that old car. Your ultimate decision will be based on your [...]

Recycled Auto Parts or Used Auto Parts? Call them whatever you like!

Salvaged auto parts are both used and recycled in more ways than you might think!

A debate on automotive components word usage recently came up when speaking with a few of our associates. What should be the primary term used to describe the auto parts that we source and sell – “used” or “recycled?” Given that our products have been used on one vehicle and then get reused on another without being disposed of, you can certainly say they are used auto parts and that they are being recycled.

When coming to terms with what to call our products, we’ve decided to simply let our customers decide. “Used” or “recycled,” we’ll know exactly what you mean. What’s really important is that we do everything possible to assure that your (used) recycled auto parts perform as good as new on your vehicle! While our industry seems to be moving toward “recycled auto [...]

Bow Auto Parts Expands to Better Serve Customers

The recycled auto parts industry is growing.

What’s the best reason to expand a used auto parts business? One word: customers! Strong sales growth over the last few years has driven us to expand our business (again) to serve the growing auto salvage industry and the increased demand for quality recycled auto parts.

Thanks to our customers, our employees and our valued business associates, we’re investing some of our resources to better serve the auto parts market in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, the rest of New England and New York State.

As we write this post, a brand-new company headquarters is being constructed on our strategically located southern New Hampshire location on Route 3A in Bow, NH. The new service experience for walk-in customers will be sure to please our long-time and new patrons alike. Having more state-of-the-art warehouse space and service bays means we can process more high-quality recycled parts as our newer and [...]

Used Tires: Yes or No?

Used tires can be a great value but think about safety too!

Your car’s ride quality depends a lot on the quality of its tires. Remember when you were a kid and you got a new pair of sneakers? You felt lighter on your feet and you just wanted to run and jump and play the moment you put them on. Replacing your car’s worn out tires feels like that on the road. Your car instantly has a smoother ride and better handling. Brand new treads can make a big difference to your driving experience and as we all know, they can be quite expensive.

What about used tires? Can you save money and still get a quality ride? Are they safe?

You’ll tend to get many opinions about whether or not buying used tires is a good idea. Like so many of life’s decisions, the answer depends… It depends on [...]

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