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Used Car Parts That Are Inspected & Guaranteed

You can think of Bow Auto Parts as your trusted used car parts store if you’re looking for top quality used auto parts backed by friendly, expert service. We support this promise by offering our own standard 6-month warranty instead of the industry standard warranty of only 30 days!

You’ll save significant money over buying new parts and you’ll be confident knowing they are the original equipment manufactured for your car’s specific make and model.

If you’re trying to find used car parts for sale and aren’t sure what you’ll get, try calling the quality driven team at Bow Auto Parts. You’ll receive only carefully inspected and expertly approved used parts made by your own vehicle’s manufacturer so you’ll know they fit your car or truck.

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Quality Used Car Parts For NH & MA


Find Quality Replacement Car Parts Fast & Save Money!

You have a range of options for buying used car parts and the main thing to understand is this. Junk yards and auto salvage yards take in just about any discarded or crash vehicles brought to them and they sell you parts “as is,” maybe with a 30-day refund warranty. You take a chance and get what you get. Bow Auto Parts is far different!

As a certified Team PRP car parts recycler, we have preferred access to the best automotive recycling inventory in the Northeast. We pick only lower mileage or later model vehicles from insurance auctions and approved sellers. Every used car part, whether it’s an axle, wheel, door, fender, hood, engine component or electrical assembly, must be in good working order and comes with our standard 6 month warranty.

We strictly follow a quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards. This means you get consistently high-quality parts. This higher standard bolsters confidence in our customers whether they are individual consumers, mechanics, or auto body shops.

Unlike junk yards, nothing on our property stays long exposed to the elements to rust and degrade. Our super-efficient process for disassembly, inspection, cataloging and warehousing every incoming parts vehicle means all of our products are stored and protected properly. We offer everything from quality used car engines, used car transmissions, car axles, body pieces, and more.

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Why continue searching for the used car part you need at the best price when you can end that hassle by having our service team find your quality guaranteed part at a great price? Whether you’re an individual consumer, collision repair center, mechanical repair shop or dealership, we can find the exact used car part you need from our large inventory in Bow, New Hampshire or through our national Team PRP network.

Rest assured that you’re buying the best used parts from us because they come only from approved sellers and insurance auctions – the top tier of preferred salvage resources. You’ll have more confidence knowing our parts include a full 6 month warranty standard with every purchase and we offer an extended 3-year warrantee. You won’t find that at a junk yard. So, why settle for junk yard parts when you can buy premium used car parts and enjoy a full service experience from respectful used auto parts experts?

Let Our Experts Find Your Parts.

Quality Used Car Parts For NH & MA