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We are a used engine supplier who delivers top quality engines to NH, MA, ME, & VT so our customers can save money while renewing their vehicle performance.

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Used Engines For Sale & Delivery In NH, MA, ME

Looking for a high-quality used engine to save money without costing reliability? Look no further than Bow Auto Parts in Bow, NH.

We only sell engines that have passed the highest quality standards and come with a standard warranty, as well as extended warranty options for extra peace of mind.

You can trust us to provide you with a top-quality engine that will last for years to come. We have a technologically advanced process for disassembling, inspecting, cataloging, and warehousing every incoming engine to ensure that they are stored properly inside our climate-controlled facilities for maximum quality and performance.

Widest Selection Of Reliable Used Engines

We know that engines are the heart of any vehicle and when they start to fail, it can be a real headache. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of used engines for all top brands and models. No matter what you’re looking for, we will do our best to help you find the perfect engine for your car or truck.

Not only do we have a wide selection of used engines but our digitalized inventory makes finding the right engine quick and easy. You can even choose from different mileage, warranty, and delivery options to fit your needs. So why wait? Find your perfect engine today at Bow Auto Parts!

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Proudly Providing Used Engines To New England Customers, Shops, & Dealerships for 30+ Years


Friendly Expert Team Ready To Find Your Part

When you call Bow Auto Parts you are greeted by a friendly expert who can help find your engine fast and answer any questions you have. You will be often times presented with multiple transparent options so you can choose between the most affordable or lowest mileage engine rather than just quoting you on the most expensive one. We care about our customers and love helping them get back on the road for less!

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Quality Inspected & Backed By Warranty

We know that a reliable engine is key to keeping your vehicle on the road, which is why we inspect and treat our parts better to indoor climate-controlled facilities. Where they remain in top condition which keeps them more reliable and longer lasting.

Our standard warranty guarantees that you’ll be happy with your purchase. Plus, we offer extended warranty options so you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

Delivery Options

We have a fleet of delivery trucks ready to offer fast and reliable delivery almost anywhere in New Hampshire. We also deliver to the southern portion of Maine and to certain areas of Vermont. In Massachusetts, we deliver as far west as Worcester and straight across to Quincy. We can also give you a quote on shipping. 


We have several warranty options to fit the needs of our customers. All our parts come with a free 6-month replacement warranty. For an additional charge, you can upgrade to an extended 1-year or 3-year warranty. We also offer an extended warranty with limited labor.

30 Day Returns

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase. In order to maintain the quality of our inventory, returned parts must be in the same condition as they were at the time of sale. Returns are not accepted if there are any signs of use or installation.

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Should I buy A Used Car Or Truck Engine?

If your engine is having problems, you may be wondering if it's better to try and repair it, have it rebuilt, or replace it. There are pros and cons to these options, and the best choice for you will depend on the extent of your engine damage, your budget, and your personal preferences. Our team can help guide you!

Repairing or rebuilding an engine tends to be less expensive for minor damage. However, this is not always the case, and the cost of parts and labor can quickly add up. In addition, there is no guarantee that your repairs will be successful, and you may end up having to replace the engine anyway. Replacement engines also are more likely to last longer and run smoother than a repaired one.

When it comes to engine replacements, you have some options. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages based on price, quality, warranty, reliability, and the overall buying experience.

Junkyard engines are the cheapest option, but you'll likely be getting lower-quality engines that have not been inspected and often don't have a warranty. The buying experience and risk associated with junkyard engines are not worth the money saved based on our experience.

A major step up from junkyards is buying quality inspected used engines backed by a warranty. As long as you choose a reputable used engine supplier like Bow Auto Parts, who's been around for over 30+ years, then this will save you the most money while keeping solid reliability. Plus, our extended warranty provides extra peace of mind such as when buying new.

Buying a remanufactured engine or a brand new engine from a dealership is the most expensive option. It also can be back ordered for many months or not available based on your vehicle's year and model. For these reasons alone, many customers choose to save money by buying a used engine as it is a good balance of quality, price, and reliability.

Give our team of engine experts a call so we can search the digital inventory of our used engine facility where we have all popular brands, models, and years in stock. If there are multiple used engines for sale based on your vehicle then our team will transparently present all options from most affordable to lowest mileage. Once we determine your personal preferences we can back your engine by either our standard or extended warranty and get it delivered to you or your local shop if you live in NH, MA, ME, & VT.

Your local auto shop most likely already knows the quality that Bow Auto Parts delivers and will be happy to get the engine installed. Each engine comes with everything needed whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone to install it for you. We make the process just as easy as buying a new engine but without the potential wait time and at a more affordable price that is backed by our warranty.

We can find your engine within seconds as our used engine inventory is cataloged in a digital system and stored in our organized climate control facility. We can have your engine delivered to you or a local shop as soon as the next day. We sometimes offer same-day deliveries based on our schedule but recommend planning for at least 2-3 days in advance to ensure on-time delivery for your engine installation.

Buying used parts helps to reduce waste and keep usable materials out of landfills. So, if you're looking for a budget-friendly option that is also eco-friendly, buying used auto parts is a great choice.

Our certifications as a NH Green Yard, Green Vehicle Disposal affiliate and Gold Seal membership in the National Association of Automotive Recyclers speak to our commitment to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices. You can help us help the planet and our local economy by using quality OEM recycled auto parts from Bow Auto Parts!

NH Used Engine Experts

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Used Engines For Sale & Delivery NH, MA, ME, VT

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