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You might think shopping for a used transmission is as simple as finding one at a good price, buying it and having it installed. Clearly, that’s the way it should be but there are several important factors to consider for assuring a successful transmission replacement. 

First, it’s crucial that your used transmission comes from a reputable source, especially one that includes an acceptable warranty with the purchase. There are several reasons for this:

  • Transmissions are large and heavy
  • They are relatively expensive to replace
  • Used transmissions can have unseen internal damage
  • You can’t drive without it one!
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Save Money With Warranty-Backed Used Transmissions.

Looking for a used BMW manual transmission? Do you need a used Japanese manual transmission for a less popular vehicle? What about finding a used automatic transmission at a great price? 

We’re always receiving vehicles with high-demand drive trains so let’s say you need a used 4160e transmission.. With a phone call, we can see what’s available for you.

Some transmissions are harder to come by than others, so for Bow Auto Parts, it’s all about service. As our inventory changes constantly, our sales team works with customers and contacts them when a specific vehicle’s transmission becomes available.  

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Getting the Right Used Transmission For Your Car or Truck

Here is what we need for an easy purchase process:

  • Vehicle year, make, model and trim.
  • Engine information such as number of cylinders, engine type (turbocharged, etc.) supercharged), displacement, fuel type (gas, diesel, hybrid).
  • Trim information, for example; 2-door, 4-door, premium package?
  • Drivetrain – all-wheel drive (AWD), front-wheel drive, 4×4?

The VIN # or Vehicle Information Number is a 17-digit standard code that can provide all of the vital vehicle specs we generally need. The VIN can usually be found in the lowest part of the driver-side windshield.

All Brands & Models

Our used transmissions and quality used engines come fully equipped for swapping out.

How about a Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW, or other top-quality used transmissions? Bow Auto Parts works with all major automotive brands and factory transmission models. Our inventory changes on a daily basis and customers are always encouraged to check in with us to find the exact used transmission model they need.

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Our used transmission prices save our customers money, and they get high quality transmissions backed with a warranty

Need a transmission replacement? Give our team of experts a call or enter your information to text our team.

If you need recycled car parts or recycled truck parts Bow Auto Parts will save you time and money!

We'll Help Find Your Transmission.

Quality Used Transmissions For NH & MA