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Auto Parts Recycling Means Vehicle Performance Renewal

In our business, parts recycling is all about renewing your car's looks and performance.

As a Team PRP partner, Bow Auto Parts is among the largest auto recyclers in the Northeast and it’s important for the public as well as our customers to know what “recycling” really means to the automotive industry, the planet, and motorists from every walk of life. One of our previous blog posts discusses the terminology of “used” compared with “recycled” auto parts. In most cases, the two terms are synonymous but each supplier has different acceptable standards for wear & tear as well as vehicle sources.

In this post, we’re pleased to delve deeper into how recycling in the automobile parts business has a profoundly positive effect on maintenance affordability and long-term vehicle performance for every kind of consumer. And all this recycling and reuse helps preserve more clean open spaces for future generations to enjoy. Please take 3 [...]

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