How “New” are Used Auto Parts?

“I want brand new, factory fresh parts,” say some automotive enthusiasts who claim they won’t take a chance with anything considered “used.” They just don’t want to risk buying a part that comes from a vehicle they know nothing about. We can understand that. Some folks simply demand new parts, especially when they’re made by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifically for the year, make and model of their car or truck. Some people even prefer replicated aftermarket parts or “knock-offs” instead of used OEM parts just because they are technically “new.”

Every part of your brand-new car is used!

How do “like new” or “good as new” parts sound for your vehicle repairs and maintenance? The fact is, all parts of a car become “used auto parts” the moment that car is driven by its first owner. A new car could get badly sideswiped leaving the dealership parking lot and be considered a “total loss.” All of the undamaged, shiny new parts on that vehicle are “used” and will be sold to a mechanic shop or vehicle owner in the recycled auto parts market. And those automotive customers will pay from 20 to 50% less than new for quality OEM auto parts made specifically for their vehicle.

Wear & Tear and Handling Care

Take our example as well as others in our extensive recycled auto parts network. We only buy vehicles that are late model and low mileage. They have been in accidents or somehow damaged and the owners have no insurance. We NEVER buy flood-damaged vehicles. Our parts go through a rigorous quality control and inspection procedure before being carefully stored in a climate-controlled warehouse. There, every quality like-new auto part waits for its new owner to locate it online or talk with one of our salespeople who finds it for them.

So, to fully answer the question, “How new are used auto parts,”? It all depends on the supplier, age and condition of the inventory. In the case of Bow Auto Parts, we can confidently say that our used parts are “good as new” and to prove it, we provide a 6-month warranty standard with any parts purchase. We also offer 1 and 3-year extended warranties on many of our products.

We’ll end this post by leaving you with some related and potentially helpful information. Used cars and used auto parts share a similar perception with regard to value and depreciation. CARFAX Reports has a blog post on automobile depreciation and how it starts upon driving off the new car lot. It also points out a few things that can help your car retain more value longer. Click here for the article.

If you have any questions about used or recycled auto parts, we’re here to answer them. And if you’re looking for a specific part, you can always browse online or just pick up the phone and call 603-224-8400 to ask us what’s in stock. We’ll be happy to tell you what’s new!

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