Recycled Or Used Auto Parts?

A debate on automotive components word usage recently came up when speaking with a few of our associates. What should be the primary term used to describe the auto parts that we source and sell – “used” or “recycled?” Given that our products have been used on one vehicle and then get reused on another without being disposed of, you can certainly say they are used auto parts and that they are being recycled.

When coming to terms with what to call our products, we’ve decided to simply let our customers decide. “Used” or “recycled,” we’ll know exactly what you mean. What’s really important is that we do everything possible to assure that your (used) recycled auto parts perform as good as new on your vehicle! While our industry seems to be moving toward “recycled auto parts” as the contemporary terms, choose whatever words make sense to you!

The benefits of using used replacement parts over newly manufactured ones fall into three categories:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save “the planet”

Recycled auto parts tend to install like “plug & play” instead of “some assembly required.” Mounting components, wires and any electrical pieces are already preassembled, ready to be installed. This saves a lot of shop labor. They are also manufactured specifically for your exact make and model.

Recycled auto parts cost less, often much less, because they are salvaged components from undamaged areas of accident-stricken or “total loss” vehicles. They have been paid for once by the original owner with no additional factory production needed. Transportation, disassembly and safe, climate controlled storage are the only major costs in getting recycled auto parts on your vehicle and back on the road.

Buying recycled auto parts keeps steel, plastics and other materials on the road and out of landfills or incinerators. Auto parts recycling significantly reduces the “carbon footprint” of the automotive industry by cutting energy use as well as saving open spaces and precious natural resources. This makes us feel pretty good about the business we’re in.

Recycled Usage and Recycled Materials

Lots of automotive parts are designed to be recycled. Some of the most recycled parts of a car include:

  • Oil – can be refined for lubricants and fuels.
  • Tires – are often turned into rubberized asphalt for paving highways and safe fill materials.
  • Auto Glass – can be transformed into fiberglass insulation and other building materials.
  • Engines and Drivetrains – can be remanufactured and the steel is totally recyclable.
  • Scrap Metal – body panels, wheel rims and other parts can be melted and reformed for new uses.
  • Batteries – lead and other toxic chemicals need proper disposal and/or remanufacturing.
  • Plastics – Most automotive plastics are highly recyclable for reuse in myriad applications.

We’re happy to be in a business that does all it can to help consumers and keep our environment healthier. You can feel good about buying used auto part from Bow Auto Parts as you pocket the extra money you save over buying brand new. You can also drive your car or truck confidently knowing that your recycled auto parts are performing to factory specs as you save energy and the earth’s valuable resources.

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