Repair or Replace My Transmission?

In the automotive repair industry, the debate continually rages on what is the best option for a damaged transmission customer – repair it or replace it? Like most debatable questions, “it depends,” but in many cases, it’s worth replacing your “dropped tranny” rather than paying for the labor and parts required to properly bring it back to its full performance and reliability level.

A damaged transmission is usually more than a few stripped gears that need replacing. The force it took to break the parts inside the transmission may have weakened or damaged other components aside from those that are visually obvious to the mechanic. According to that fact alone, we believe it’s generally better to replace the transmission with a quality-inspected used one from a reliable auto parts recycler. We say “generally better” because there are some cases when a repair or rebuild makes sense and saves money over replacement.

The Right Transmission Diagnosis

Sometimes, a vehicle’s bad performance or drivetrain failure can be blamed on the transmission when it is actually a problem with the engine or other major components. When you and your mechanic have concluded that the transmission is the problem, it’s crucial to accurately diagnose where the problem is and know everything that needs to be fixed. This can be tricky with transmissions because of all the moving parts, so the right diagnostic equipment and expertise are needed to properly analyze the problem and come up with a quality repair solution.

With a “rebuild” option, the mechanic replaces only the parts they can determine have failed. While this can be cost-effective, the rebuilt transmission may have hidden damage from the original cause still undetected. This could lead to a future transmission failure unless your mechanic does a completely expert and thorough job.

Transmission Replacements from Bow Auto Parts

You or your repair shop can have full confidence in a used transmission from Bow Auto Parts because it will be specific to the exact make and model of your vehicle and from the original manufacturer. Choosing to replace your transmission from us means that you are restoring it back to factory specifications. All of our used auto parts come from preselected insurance auction vehicles and we know what to look for. We only buy what we know our customers want and what they need to assure that our transmission customers receive “like new” replacements.

Trust in Your Transmission

Your transmission is one of the most vital components in your car. The last thing you would ever want is for your vehicle’s transmission to fail at the wrong time such as on a highway acceleration lane or busy city street. Replacing your damaged transmission with a used one from a reputable auto parts recycler in the Team PRP quality network is smart. Our quality transmission replacements can give you and your mechanic assurance that you chose the right option and that you can drive your car or truck with confidence.

Bow Auto Parts cares about our customers and the way we show that care is our commitment to quality. We only want the best possible results for your auto repairs and upgrades. Always feel free to call us if you have any questions about finding a quality transmission or other parts for your vehicle.

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