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With more people customizing and rebuilding vehicles for both recreation and utility, our used axle business is on the rise, not only from auto repair shops but individual car and truck enthusiasts as well.

Quality used axles can be extremely hard to find at most “junk yards” and “auto salvage yards.” These businesses receive wrecked vehicles and are not required to perform a thorough mechanical inspection or quality control process to identify the quality and condition of parts and components. If you were to buy an axle from one of their discarded vehicles, it would likely be “as is” with unknown risks for safety and performance.

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Why Our Used Axles Are The Highest Quality.

Bow Auto Parts is far different from your typical auto salvage business. We are a certified Team PRP premium auto parts recycler with preferred access to the best automotive recycling inventory in the Northeast. We strategically handpick only lower mileage and later model vehicles from insurance auctions. Every engine, transmission, axle, door, or other used car/truck part we sell must be in good working order and comes with our standard 6-month warranty.

Just like every Team PRP member, Bow Auto Parts “uses an identical quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards. The result is a nationwide label that delivers consistently high-quality parts and maximizes consumer, mechanical repairer, collision center and estimator confidence.”

Unlike junk yards, nothing on our property stays very long. Our technologically advanced, super-efficient process for disassembly, inspection, cataloging, and warehousing every incoming axle assures it is stored and protected properly for maximum quality and performance.

Let Our Experts Find Your Axles.

Quality Used Axles For NH & MA


Tips For Buying Quality Used or Recycled Axles

As a key player in the Northeast used auto parts recycling network for over 30 years, we’ve learned a few things about buying used axles and are happy to share our experience with you. Here are some of the many features we check when we buy our axles:

  • Wheel mounting surfaces and hardware
  • Locking hubs, hubs, and unit bearings
  • Brakes
  • Spindles
  • Axle housing
  • Steering linkage mounts and/or steering arm(s)
  • Ball Joints or kingpins
  • Axle shafts and U-joints
  • Ring and pinion
  • Locker, limited slip, differential

All Brands & Models

Our used axles come fully equipped for swapping out. How about a Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW, or other top-quality used axle?

Bow Auto Parts works with all major automotive brands and factory axle models. Our inventory changes daily and customers are always encouraged to check in with us to find the exact used axle model they need.

Whether you’re looking for a used car or truck engine, transmission, axle, or auto body, we have it all and can find it fast within our digitally tracked inventory.

Reliability Comes From Quality

Never settle for a junkyard axle! Your vehicle needs well-cared-for, original factory equipment specifically designed for it. Buying a used axle from Bow Auto parts keeps you on the road of automotive excellence with only top parts made for your car or truck! 

Got axle questions? Connect with someone on our sales team. They’re always eager to talk with you and help find you the ideal used axle or any other part for your vehicle.

Let Our Experts Find Your Axles.

Quality Used Axles For NH & MA