Don’t Get Swamped By Flood Vehicle Parts

One of the hidden problems that can plague the used automotive market is vehicle inventories that are salvaged from major storm disasters and flooded zones. They are known simply as “flood vehicles.”  Whenever major flooding occurs in population centers, hundreds and often thousands of cars and trucks become immersed in dirty water that gets into […]

For Off-Warranty Auto Repairs The Choice is Clear

When it comes to auto repairs, it often feels like you have just two choices. Unless you can do it yourself, you can either take your car to a dealership or visit your trusted independent auto mechanic. Depending on your situation, there are benefits to both. But when you need a repair not covered by […]

7 Reasons Why the Pros Trust Team PRP Members for Used Auto Parts


  When the pros need used auto parts, they know they have a choice when they shop. And so do you. Because pros want high-quality and trusted parts at a great price, they prefer to shop with Team PRP recyclers. While they could go to a nearby junkyard and sometimes do, Team PRP members offer […]

How “New” are Used Auto Parts?

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“I want brand new, factory fresh parts,” say some automotive enthusiasts who claim they won’t take a chance with anything considered “used.” They just don’t want to risk buying a part that comes from a vehicle they know nothing about. We can understand that. Some folks simply demand new parts, especially when they’re made by […]

Auto Recycling and Disposal Choices: How to Make the Right Decision

  Lots of people like to buy quality cars & trucks and drive them for a long time. Settling into a favorite vehicle and taking care of it for many years is not only prudent but highly gratifying for many drivers. Modern-day vehicles, when properly serviced, run reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles and […]

Recycled Auto Parts or Used Auto Parts? Call them whatever you like!

A debate on automotive components word usage recently came up when speaking with a few of our associates. What should be the primary term used to describe the auto parts that we source and sell – “used” or “recycled?” Given that our products have been used on one vehicle and then get reused on another […]

Used Tires: Yes or No?

Your car’s ride quality depends a lot on the quality of its tires. Remember when you were a kid and you got a new pair of sneakers? You felt lighter on your feet and you just wanted to run and jump and play the moment you put them on. Replacing your car’s worn out tires feels […]